Thursday, August 20, 2020

catskills mountain mama

soooo yep.  i live in the mountains.  the catskills to be exact.  deeeeep in the catskill mountains.  every day i wake up to the sound of rushing streams, pick flowers all day if i want, and go to sleep at night listening to the coyotes singing and howling their surreal lullabies.  still uneasy with my new existence, i wake up each day hoping this will be the day i feel at home.  but, thats just me.  just my way.  when i bought and moved into my old green shuttered house years ago, it took a lot of time to settle in.  after a dozen years, i was positive i had outgrown that old house, and the place i was from, where i grew up, the infamous land of gods and guns, but, who knows?  all i know is i am living my life in transition.  that now home is with my boys, and home is whatever and wherever i make it.  sometimes i just shake my head in disbelief and awe when i catch up with an old friend who is a married mother, busy in routine, and deep in her life.  i work hard to keep the focus soft and fuzzy, and i wear the pink tinted spectacles each and every day.  if you build it, they will come.  isn't that the old line from the movie?  sooo i make the house pretty and build and fix and in general try to dress life up on a daily basis, and dress me too.  yes, i wear my mud spattered overalls, but do not think for one quick moment that i have given up my pretty dresses and shoes.  nope.  i live in marabou city.  marabou city.  the loveliest  hamlet on the mountain, with its blush colored aura peeking over the pine trees, and bathing the black bears in rosy gold light.  i might own and use a power drill, but i am not giving up the nail polish.  nope.  and the tears.  they flow.  just because i am a girl.  i make no apologies for that.  


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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

dreary woodsy colors

so i should have named this post something like... 

pretty mistakes, or close but no cigar.

but no worries. 

 i was positive i would have a color filled new home, filled with instant charm, and an instant feeling of belonging.

  things take time. 

 things have changed so much for me in the time between finding the new house last year, and right now today.  my personal situation is vastly different, and, well, i am a bit homesick for the familiar. 

 i am rethinking absolutely everything in my life at this point, trying to figure out why i have this house now? what is the point?  the big picture? maybe i will relist it, and move on to something else?  i will figure it all out! the big picture, as well as the tiniest details.  till then, i will continue to paint and fluff, and take life day by day.  i fix what is broken, and return and exchange with wild abandon.  if it doesn't resonate, and feel like home by the one year mark, who knows?   

misfires courtesy of farrow and ball and gucci.  

returned the pillow, and finally got an unopened gallon of slipper satin.  

thank god for small miracles.

i will find home.

baby steps.




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Friday, August 7, 2020

q & a part one

i have received so many comments and questions, so here goes.

the last two things you bought for your new house?

two green gucci espresso cups, and a gallon of farrow and ball slipper satin estate emulsion for my dining room. 

how would you describe your new house?

bohemian. cozy. mountain house.

where have you been?/why did you stop posting?

last year this time, i was happier and busier than i have ever been.  i was preparing my old house, aka the green shutter house, to list it and sell it.  i was ready to move on to a new house project, and a new life, and also spend my month in italy with my guy, as i usually do.  i stopped posting because i really am a super private person.  i do think we are all too connected to our phones and electronics in general, and i really love being off the grid.  i like to think quietly and for myself, and i spend huge chunks of my life in solitude.  that is nesessary when you are an empath like myself.  it has always been weird for me to share tiny bits of my life on here.  i really love creative writing, and so many people became too involved with my personal outlet of blogging.  i write because it feels good.  i never need much advice, never need likes or follows or whatever.  i do not need social media in order to validate myself.  i am very real life oriented.  also i really had trouble with a dress company blatantly using an old post of mine about my clothing style for their own use.  i felt violated.  onward...

where is home?

anywhere my family is.  right now my family consists of three crazy boys.  chase, my 15 year old mini aussie, as well as my two new puppies, willow and ash.  life has changed, and i have taken on a lot!  home renovations and two new dogs.  i am dividing my time between my mountain house, and the city.  this latter part is subject to change at a moments notice.  i used to think that someday i would settle down, and buy 'the' house i would live in for the rest of my life.  now i am considering leaving my current location every day.  maybe new orleans.  maybe tacoma.  the world is big.

books read during quarantine?

i love a simple question.  i read pearl lowes autobiography, all that glitters, as well as her decorating book, faded glamour.  a valley in italy, by lisa st aubin de teran.  on the road by jack kerouac.  

favorite room in the house?

 its all about the boudoir for me.  i do love splashing around in the bathroom.  hiding there.  beauty rituals.  being in my bed.  clean sheets.  books.  old dvds.  coffee.  pile of dogs.  sleep.

life goals?

my life goals are many.  just a few though are to start traveling the world again when it opens back up to us.  i have never been to scandinavia, and i absolutely NEED to visit london again, and stay at claridges.  my interior design services continue to be on a very limited select basis, and i am working on a few writing projects that i plan to publish.  really cultivating and nurturing love is always the plan.   refining, giving and receiving love matters more and more to me with each day.  to be surrounded by love, and to live normally and enjoy the simple pleasures with those i adore.  to pick up the paintbrush as well.  
favorite beauty products/rituals?

i am a minimalist when it comes to beauty products, since i have super delicate sensitive skin and am allergic to most fragranced things.  i keep it simple, but take about twelve vitamins a day.  flax oil is something i use to moisturize my face and body, and i also eat a spoonful a day on yogurt.  i try to eat right, but i have a sweet tooth that i fight.  stretching, dry brushing, and soaking in the tub followed by a freezing cold shower to stimulate the lymphatic system, is one of my secrets for wellness.  i also swear by the old standby of placing chilled moist chamomile tea sachets on my eyelids.  turmeric for my eczema.  my skin is perfect if i might say so, so i don't/can't  wear much make up.  lipstick and perfume are daily needs.  spritzed on the wrists and clothes, not near the face.

what do you need for a happy life?

my faith 
to love and be loved
freedom to be me.  to be free of fear. 
puppy snuggles (and kisses)
to make beauty always


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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

rose colored glasses

so i am thinking i should change the name of my blog to rose colored glasses.

because i am wearing them.  are you?

its hard to know where to start.  how to jump back in.  maybe in my next post, i will lay some ground rules, share some paint colors, and the story of how all this change came to be. but for now i introduce my new babies...

ash and willow!

and a tiny glimpse of my new home!

i can't wait to share more!


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Saturday, August 1, 2020

so much change...

so much time has passed since my last post, but there are reasons for that.

so much in my life has changed, i have whiplash.  it might take a while to catch you up on everything, but i shall.  its rose colored glasses time again, my friends!  

i have missed the exchange here, and the creative outlet of blogging.  looking forward to posting tons of everything house (new!), and new of?

yes, i have been up to my eyeballs in paint, and lumber, and furniture and landscaping, and i am so cut off from my old perfect life, and all the people in it, i thought posting again, and hearing from my readers might make me feel less homesick! 

who am i?

i can't remember.

please drop me a line and remind me.

hope you all have been well, and life kind, and yes, i have chucked that fabulous wardrobe above for some dungarees.  think green acres.  with a twist.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

catching up

 dear diary,

long time no write.  for several reasons actually.  in no particular order i have simply been busy living my life.  a life more flawed and exciting and unsettled and painful and privileged than i ever would have dreamed possible.  ive truly been busy living life.  then there is the fact that i am profoundly private and shy, and the whole concept of sharing my style and my life is always a stretch for me.  add on top of that a couple of people/bloggers who copy me and plagiarize so blatantly it takes my breath away.  yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but my blog is my personal outlet.  it is real and authentic, and i do not make a penny for it.  its purely a hobby, and to think there are people out there who use my words and copy my pictures and style and make money with their blog and books. it is simply disgusting to me.

it made me so sad and frustrated i didn't think i would ever blog again.  i mean, why should i create and share my posts, and do all the work for actual professional bloggers and designers?

so i stopped.  but i am back. and ready to expose my plagiarizers if nescessary.  i will be watching.

so spring is here, and life continues to be tumultuous and beautiful and sensual and painful at times.

brooklyn still has me in its grasp.  yep.

been house hunting.

ready to let go of the pennsylvania bolthole.  maybe.

we will see.

feeling like sharing some style inspiration and a tidbit or two tonight.

so anyway.

love my streetzies black cat slippers.  i wear them with everything

homemade vanilla bean panna cotta

my style  kind of...

 love this so much.  found this on pearl lowes instagram, and i am in love...

easter was quiet but nice 

 went to the oddities flea market at the brooklyn bazaar in greenpoint a few weeks ago.   a fun trippy time filled with goths and counterculture creatures.

the corpse reviver at the house of wax bar

 lunch in bergdorfs basement

 homemade schnitzel

the house i wanted to live in for the rest of my life...
waited and looked for two years and finally found my dream.  called the bank.  made a bid.  had an intense anxiety attack of epic proportions and withdrew my offer before i could come to my senses.  i will regret letting this one get away for the rest of my life.  never have i been in a house so perfect for me.  ever.  weeping now actually.

the house i want to sell in pennsylvania.  tried another shade of pink and failed again.


love this look.  already missing coat season.  preparing to be brooklyns number one mosquito victim as the warm weather and bare legs begin...

dreaming of house of hackney babylon

i officially quit trying with pink.  done.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

so far the new year

is full of beauty and optimism. 

 though i didn't really realize i'd made any resolutions.